King County Ranch Observation - Ives Services
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King County Ranch Observation & Shooting

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Instruction: Fill out one form for each stand on each day the survey is conducted. When deer are coming and going under a feeder or in and out of a sendero, it may be difficult to count the number of different does and fawns. In this case, use the maximum number of does and fawns you can see at any one time. This isn't a problem with bucks because you can distinguish individuals by their antlers. Place every buck seen into one of the three age classifications. Use body characteristics and behavior to estimate whether he is a yearling (1.5), middle aged (2.5-4.5), or mature (5.5+). Indicate if yearling bucks are spikes or forked antlered. Describe body condition, antler characteristics, wound, or injury in the comments section.
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